Save On Ride

Geo Targeting integration for matching people who need a ride and people who are offering a ride. A feature to find carpoolers anywhere in the world.

Easy-to-use and easy-to-search application similar to the one available for flight/train booking.

Create marketing space for leading gas, oil and automobile companies for Carbon Credit swapping/trade.

GATST – Geo Automate Traffic Speeding Tickets

Patent  Pending


“Device used to automate the process of issuing traffic speeding tickets through onboard Global Positing System Module embedded with Subscriber Identification Module (with vehicle specific data such as ID and License Plate Number stored on the Integrated Circuit) that can communicate with the local law enforcement systems with details of violation.”


Generates huge revenues via this automated device which optimizes logistics for law enforcement system for any country.


NFC Product

Patent  Pending


Existing Ticketing Systems and Design:
Primary way of paying for a trip on public transportation is either with cash on board machines or through tickets purchased with cash at a ticket vending machine.
Most of the transportation systems in the country and around the World use data capable cards or Smart Cards as tickets for authentication.


Types of Tickets:


  • a) One trip and round trip tickets
  • b) “x” number of rides tickets
  • c) “$x” value tickets + refilling abilities
  • d) Passes including daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly passesOur goal is:“ A better fare collection system that can offer better convenience at lower costs with high user acceptance without a major deal of infrastructure expenditure. “Sticker TechnologyInsights and improvements in NFC or near-field-communication technology provide or address all of the drawbacks of a conventional magnetic stripe paper or plastic RF ID card.A single NFC sticker with an embedded circuit to hold data and a set of codec algorithms is the key solution to eradicate existing troubles.