Our NFC Solution

Existing Ticketing Systems and Design

Primary way of paying for a trip on public transportation is either with cash on board machines or through tickets purchased with cash at a ticket vending machine.
Most of the transportation systems in the country and around the World use data capable cards or Smart Cards as tickets for authentication.

  • One trip and round trip tickets
  • “x” number of rides tickets
  • “$x” value tickets + refilling abilities
  • Passes including daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly passes

Our goal

“ A better fare collection system that can offer better convenience at lower costs with high user acceptance without a major deal of infrastructure expenditure. “

Sticker Technology

Insights and improvements in NFC or near-field-communication technology provide or address all of the drawbacks of a conventional magnetic stripe paper or plastic RF ID card.

A single NFC sticker with an embedded circuit to hold data and a set of codec algorithms is the key solution to eradicate existing troubles.