ERP Services and Solutions

EA Team Inc. follows some of the best practices in ERP. Our goal is to provide very large scale enterprise systems at reduced costs compared to the proprietary products available in the market.

Licensing costs and maintenance have been two major issues many of the companies are facing difficulties with when using proprietary enterprise solutions.

Our strategy is to use open source platforms to develop and deliver tailor made solutions to large organizations thereby cutting both licensing and maintenance costs significantly over the lifetime of the software. Constant updates and changes needed to the system will provide us with an unending but a unique and a personalized relationship with our clients.

We provide the following components in the ERP systems:

  • Databases with high hit capacity
  • Tailor-made Applications to suit the needs of the clients
  • Custom report generation modules
  • Any field to any field optimized and elaborate search
  • Data hosting virtual server capabilities
  • Management and monitoring tools
  • Customized application programming interfaces to communicate or interact with external systems

Check out our EBP Suite Documentation for more details