eBP Suite

We at EA Team Inc. are dedicated to providing a robust Business Process tool to automate business processes for our valuable customers, and thereby increasing their productivity with higher accuracy and reduced processing time.

eBP-Suite stands for Enterprise  Business Process Suite. It is the new standard for modeling business processes.

eBP-Suite is a business process thin client suite that enables automated business processes to be deployed with completely defined process flows. This process flow encompasses the procedures, tasks, people, and equipment that define business practices within an organization. Using this process flow software to define and automate workflow ensures that the business practices associated with any organization would be performed in a logical and consistent manner leading to better organization and increased productivity. In short it completely automates the business processes and activities of users.
This software is being designed in such a way that the Business Users themselves will be able to easily configure this new software very to automate their business process as per the business/process requirements. eBPSuite changes the dynamics of process discovery and provides the shortest time to value possible when implementing robust process-based solutions.

ebpsuite architecture

Software Overview

  • A collaborative process modeling & implementation environment for better productivity
  • Flexible integration and workflow capabilities
  • An innovative rules engine capability
  • Powerful management tools
  • Easy-to-use Web interfaces for process participants
  • Integration with other web applications on the intranet
  • Support for SQL Server / Oracle / MS Access
  • Integration APIs
  • Mail Server Integration
  • Thin Client Architecture